Starts 14.11.2017
Ends 14.12.2017
This ICO has already ended.
HOLDME rating

The goal of the Holdme platform was defined by their management as the development of a blockchain that will serve as a means for creating a new world. Sounds intriguing, right? But whether they will be able to fully implement the planned remains a mystery.

Implement their goal, they seek through the work of all those who are related to their platform, beginning with the leadership, ending with the owners of Holdme altcoins. Thus, they made each person who has a coin shareholder in the account of the coin. It is clear that the more coins, the greater the share of shares from the client. Due to this, the client can influence the fate of the company, vote for the most suitable vector of development in his or her opinion, offer personal ideas and so on.

At the moment, the main work of the team is focused on earning funds for development through the upcoming Initial coin offering, and after that the tokens will start trading on the exchanges. Not all companies achieve success if you look at the ico rating, nevertheless, if you have enough information from the lists of icos (lists of cryptocurrency icos), or even use existing ico analysis, you can discover icos and predict the final result. It is also worth mentioning that on such resources as ICO Alert, you can track ico review or token sale review, token sale rating and many more.

HOLDME has ended 337 days ago