Starts 01.05.2018
Ends 01.07.2018
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Blockchain technology allows users to carry out direct money transfers, cutting out the middleman. The money is transferred as our HMQ cryptocurrency and withdrawn via authorised exchange points. Users can choose the point with the best exchange rate, therefore avoiding any financial monopolies.Companies can utilise Humaniq's ever-growing user base to carry out tasks involving the processing of information. Users can decode and translate texts, identify photographs, locate geotags and so on, in return for renumeration.

Humaniq grew out of the idea that advanced technologies should benefit everybody. Now, we want to inspire developers from all over the world to come and join our movement.Humaniq is not just a commercial project. It is a worldwide mission, aiming to give people in developing nations more power to change their lives.Humaniq solves the issue of people from emerging economies not being connected to the power of the global economy.

Humaniq’s main goal is to create an Ethereum Blockchain-based financial services app that will bring mobile banking to an audience of two bln people who currently don’t have access to non-exploitive financial services. In addition to providing financial services, the app will also act as the infrastructure backbone for third party services to plug into, such as insurance providers, P2P lenders and data security firms.Humaniq is an iOS and Android-based banking 4.0 app that uses biometric ID to set up new accounts and verify transactions and will target the two bln people globally who do not have access to formal banking services.

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