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Ends 15.05.2019
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IDAP is introducing diversified trading and investment instruments with an institutional grade exchange platform, complete with advanced trading tools, dedicated 24/7 customer support and top-level security. IDAP is creating a completely new ecosystem, built to facilitate a crypto derivatives market where traders have access to multiple trading and investment instruments, enabling a highly liberating, highly strategic, low risk and seamless trading experience.Our vision is one of collective growth for all market participants, both our customers and the IDAP ecosystem, thereby contributing our share to the growth of the market itself!

Unlike most of the current exchange teams that majorly comprise of techies with limited exposure to financial markets, IDAP team and advisors have diverse exposure, comprising of highly successful traders, technocrats and successful entrepreneurs. Our team possesses hands on experience of trading with global exchanges, market analysis, operating & managing successful enterprises, and customer service & support.IDAP will offer monthly sequential futures contract of major cryptocurrencies. Initially, monthly sequential contracts for three contiguous months will be available, and the number of contracts will be increased gradually. Our aim is to provide long term hedging in major coins and tokens to allow a room for any trading strategy.

IDAP will be the first crypto exchange to offer ‘Options’ for trading. IDAP will offer American options, which are advantageous for an investor as they can be executed at any time before their expiry, unlike European options which are executed only upon expiry. As the platform evolves, this feature will be rolled out for IDAP traders. IDAP will offer perpetual swaps. These are the continuous swap derivatives products with no expiry. The advantage of perpetual swap contracts is that an investor can trade these contracts like cryptos are traded in the spot market, while enjoying the benefit of using margins, i.e. investing less money and earning better returns than those of the spot market.

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Token Sale Hard cap : USD 10 Million

Token Sale Soft Cap : USD 2 Million

KYC: Yes

Accepts : ETH, BTC, LTC, WAN

Product : Launching on 31st Jan 2019

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