Starts 01.10.2018
Ends 31.12.2018
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Crowd investments as an industry, in its current form, is vastly inefficient and it harms potential entrepreneurs and investors. A smart contract-governed model eliminates the need for inefficient processes, paving the way for efficient investments operations on a global scale. We envision Investoland being populated by, other companies migrating from their inefficient traditional models onto Ethereum network's smart contract technology for their financial interactions, as well as private individuals.

SeSocio believes that leveraging blockchain technology to finance should not be limited to crypto-experienced people and would provide the advantages of smart contract-governed financial interactions in a simple and secure manner to all. That’s why SeSocio would implement a “simple” version their site, where the user could see the interface displayed in USD. In this simple version the inexperienced user would be able to fund their account with fiat currency and, at the time of making an investment, the process would be facilitated by an automated program connected with different exchanges through an API, and their investment would be tied to the smart contract.

When they receive the payouts from the entrepreneur his share of the tokens would be converted once again to USD through the automated program, avoiding any kind of friction the inexperienced user might have in using a blockchain-based investment site as well as creating volume and liquidity. Even though the user would see its balance in USD the process generates token demand, caused by the underlying purchase of the tokens.

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