Starts 01.11.2018
Ends 31.01.2019
This ICO has already ended.
IOTW rating

Highly secure IoT ecosystem, enabling Instant transactions and green micro-mining from any connected device - no extra hardware, no additional cost. “Proof of Assignment” (POA) algorithm that can be applied to different industries with a flexible blockchain reward system and instant transactions. The overall network deployment cost is significantly lower than traditional blockchain solutions. PoA makes the network leaner and faster, hence more suitable for IoT devices.

“Block Witnessing Protocol” provides extra network security compared to traditional blockchain architecture. It does this by utilizing a witnessing pool, making the network smaller and holding hundreds times less copies of ledgers, while providing robust security, thereby significantly reducing the cost of the network. For both domestic and commercial applications – such as TVs, set-up box, air conditioners, cell phones, Apps, computers, LED lightings, logistics, RFID, QR Code and bar code readers. Instant transactions at 3,000 TPS scalable up to 1 million TPS via clustering, interoperability and network advancements. Connecting manufacturers with end users through targeted marketing channels designed for enterprises. End users can then sell their device usage data to manufacturers, research institutes, and other data analyzers.

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