Starts 30.01.2018
Ends 13.03.2018
This ICO has already ended.
IQeon Token rating

We are aimed to introduce you an Initial coin offering on such a contemporary and developing cryptocurrency as IQeon. To stay in course about the needed information on the altcoin attentively discover the ico. For the beginning, let us tell you some facts about the cryptocurrency in this ico review refered to list of cryptocurrency icos.
Initially, we want to tell you that if you are a game player and love to make money through them – you are always welcome to test a feature of such altcoin as Iqeon! You should know about another one innovation embedded into our possibilities: if you made IQeon cryptocurrency during the game you are able to exploit it in other games too. This stuff allows the altcoin to stand out from the others refered to the list of icos.
Our group of developers intends to expand its staff for the further modifications of the Iqeon and widening of the altcoin’s range of goods. These factors will lead to increasing of number of potential customers and to enlargement of inquiry for internal tokens of the cryptocurrency.
Our customers also should know that the altcoin highlighted in this ico may be exchanged for any others from the list of icos.
You may find more information about the token sale review and ico rating of the IQeon altcoin via the special-purpose services.

IQeon Token has ended 464 days ago