Starts 01.07.2018
Ends 15.12.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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Jibbit creates an ecosystem network to connect the worldwide cannabis community with the crypto world (200m +). A world to make the cannabis market completely independent of the financial system and its influences. By making use of the Blockchain technology, we demonstrate the value of this revolutionary movement of the crypto-community and how we can make the world a little better. Be there today to help making the crypto world accessible to the masses. Give the power back to the people!

The Blockchain provides technological tools to create a Jibbit ecosystem created by us. In this network consumers, producers and suppliers find each other. Every single transaction is stored in encrypted form in the Blockchain and is accessible to everyone as needed. A change or falsification of the stored data in the Blockchain is almost impossible.Manufacturers and producers need a way to quickly and reliably bring their goods and services to the consumer. The Jibbit token is used as means of payment in the Jibbit network. A strong token for a growing community. Jibbit relies on a team of professionals from the cannabis, crypto-Blockchain, marketing and investment industries.

Through your participation in our Jibbit token (JIB) sale, you have the opportunity to support Jibbit and to help revolutionize the cannabis market worldwide and also to promote legalization. We are convinced that the very complex and opaque cannabis market should be modernized thanks to the Blockchain technology.The associated anonymity and transparency and security are intended to benefit in this area and to strengthen the trust of the participants. This will also improve the world’s poor image of cannabis. With nearly 200m people, the cannabis community is one of the largest in the world.

Jibbit has ended 274 days ago