Starts 01.12.2018
Ends 28.02.2019
This ICO has already ended.
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We believe that each blockchain has a different design to serve specific purposes and should be embraced for their own uniqueness. There is, however, inherited problem: blockchains being isolated islands; that as a result limits scalability and adoption. KardiaChain’s vision for fully decentralised interoperability. A decentralised exchange that allow atomic swap trading between assets on different blockchains. With Kardia dual node approach, achieve full decentralisation, allow for more secure and trustless atomic-swap-like trading. While at the same time, allow for atomic swap trading happen with ease.

We currently run a prototype exchange on NEO and Ethereum testnets, successfully swap NEO for ETH and vice versa. The whole process happens on-chain and is recorded on Neo testnet, Ethereum Rinkeby, and KardiaChain testnets. The demo showcases that DEX on Kardia already has capacity for ERC20-NEP5 token swap.

KardiaChain opens up the possibility of interconnected Dapps, providing the infrastructure for Dapps to exchange data and interact with Dapps on other chains securely and seamlessly. One Dapp can request and access data from other Dapps on different chain, which reduce the need to duplicate the similar Dapps on multiple chains

For example, a banking Dapp benefits from using a KYC data of another Dapp while the two are based on different blockchains. Thus customers on one chain do not need to replicate their KYC again on other chains. Banking Dapp’s clients can re-use their data on the KYC Dapp by simply providing consent to the KYC Dapp. This process happens in a secure and decentralised manner, helping to reduce effort from developers and enhance user experience.

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