Starts 01.08.2018
Ends 30.09.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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Kastle will provide basic exchange trading features including market, spot and margin trading. However; Kastle will also include a slew of features designed and being designed to support the adoption of utility tokens. These features include auto-conversion and project specific APIs.A key feature of Kastle is the listing application. The Kastle team will develop a listing application, much like an online mortgage application, what will be used to track the listing process from end-to-end. The listing application will also be used to gauge community interest and support for an item seeking to be added to the exchange. Kastle is focused on bringing users to utility token projects. You might call Kastle an "exchange" but Kastle's revolutionary programs, features and partnerships are designed to increase adoption of utility tokens.

Kastle will use a referral model that rewards users for bringing on active users to the Kastle platform by rewarding them with 30% of the collected fees (trading, uses, application, API and all future uses of the Kastle platform) for their referred users.Kastles KYC program will be completely insourced and made available to cryptocurrency projects. This KYC program will be an “engine of growth” for the Kastle exchange, more and more features across more and more platforms and projects will become available for those users that have a verified Kastle account.Our goal is to be have millions of users of Kastle without knowing they are using Kastle to auto-convert, auto-transfer and other features that reduce the friction of using utility tokens.

A major part of Kastle’s revenue model is per-transaction fees for exchange, deposit, withdraw and other standard exchange fees. Kastle, by virtue of building the next generation exchange, will also work to expose unique revenue opportunities that arise when building the world's first, and only, truly utility token, and digital asset exchange. Kastle will issue a utility token on the Akroma network, a limit of 200 million tokens will be created. AKT will be used to offer membership benefits to holders of the tokens. AKT will be a utility and rewards token for the Kastle exchange. The primary use for AKT will be to track a user’s membership level, which is based on the amount of AKT held in their Kastle AKT wallet. Below is an example of the life-time membership benefits.

Kastle has ended 295 days ago