There are many blockchain based communities in this age. KWHCoin is one the few and unique communitities of blockchain. It is supported by renewable energy. Many sensors and green readings and used in units of KWH. This project aims to improve the lives of 1.2 billion people around the globe. It will enable people to buy and sell renewable energy. Under privileged people will now have the access to renewable energy.

KWHCoin is an initial coin offerings based project. ICO tokens of KWH are in fact the grid through which everyone in the world will be able to buy and sell electricity. The importance of KWHCoin can be found by ico review of the project. Ico analysis will provide all the useful and required information to users. Ico rating is also displayed on the dashboards of the project. Ico token sale rating highlights the importance and value of KWH tokens. Ico token sale review highlights the importance and its usefulness on the market. The ico is also available and visible on list of icos. Users can see ico calendar to find out about the dates of ico tokens.

The solution to fulfill the energy need is to build a transparent decentralized network using blockchain. Export energy is changed to KWH tokens and these tokens can be exchanges by using the grid which is the main application.

KWHcoin has ended 506 days ago