Starts 15.10.2018
Ends 10.12.2018
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LakeDiamond is a Swiss company incorporated in 2015. Building on years of research at EPFL, developing reactors capable of growing ultra-pure diamonds and exploring potential high-tech industrial applications, it brings together renowned and respected professionals with a proven track record in physics, industry, computer science, marketing and finance.

LakeDiamond’s CVD reactors grow the highest quality of diamond on earth, suitable for the most demanding applications, thanks to a perfectly controlled and precise technology. The qualities attained are such that they trigger new exciting applications beyond the high-end jewellery market, such as micromechanical parts, laser power beaming, high power transistors, high-precision magnetometers and quantum applications.

As the first bank to offer this kind of services, we receive many requests from companies, be they start-up, scale-up or well established companies. In this context, we defined strict criteria that companies need to fulfill. We consider only mature projects, ready to be launched, and want to review who the management is, what the business is, what the financials are and what the legal situation is.

LKD tokens grant a “right of use” to grow diamonds for a defined amount of time. As such, LKD tokens are the first time-based payment tokens allowing the production of physical assets.

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