Starts 01.11.2018
Ends 31.01.2019
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The earlier we find cancer, the more lives we save. When we "screen" for cancer, we test people who do not have symptoms or signs of cancer. This way, we can find and treat cancers before they become more serious. The Lancor Blockchain Platform allows patient data to be analysed and stored securely. It lets patients and regional, national and international organisations access the right data at the right time. This will happen in an affordable, safe and timely way.

It is a utility token that allows payment for tests, validates the credentials of the cancer screening devices, and provides secure access to results. We imagined this. Then invented it. Then patented it. Then tested it. And is now testing it some more, to show just how powerful the technology is. Find out more in the video.

For example, when a patient buys Medici Tokens using a simple crypto-wallet app on their phone, they get access to the LBP and information on the screening programmes in their area. Each Medici Token will be uniquely linked and identifiable to a clinically validated and certified early cancer detection device that has been developed and tested by Tumour Trace, our first partner. Imagine being able to detect cancer using the same white light you are reading with now, not dangerous waves like UV or X-rays. Making it possible to achieve real time screening results that are highly accurate, at a cost per test that is affordable across the world.

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