Starts 12.12.2017
Ends 12.01.2018
This ICO has already ended.
LENDOIT rating

Lendoit is an innovative decentralized crypto marketplace, that ICO calendar recommends as a new crypto ICOs. A potential investor must at least pay attention to the token sale rating, but it is better to learn it in more detail so as not to miss important information about the opportunities offered by upcoming initial coin offerings and start-ups. Lendoit allows one to raise the funds by crowdfunding or learn about token sales and invest in those projects get an information about.

At the same time, an attentive ICO review shows that any ico rating of altcoins offers to investors, who are learning any list of cryptocurrency ICOs and ico analysis to profitably invest their money they may discover ICOs that can exceed all the expected benefits from some Initial Coin Offering. And so, one can recommend the ICO alert which can help people to determine the more safe tokens for investments. After token sale review one can offer Lendoit peer-to-peer platform to investors as a very profitable investment tool that can help to determine investors the ICO that bring significant profits and therefore, looking through the list of ICOs in the search for a profitable investment tool.

LENDOIT has ended 308 days ago