Starts 15.07.2018
Ends 31.10.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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Finding relevant advises matching your profile and investment objectives will be as easy as booking your next flight, with an anonymous passport covering your profile, your knowledge and your expectations to get you the best solutions for your savings.Free and under your sole control, your passport will open the gates of a marketplace where will be exposed strategies relevant to your objectives and your accepted level of risk. Compare their past and forecast performance.Thanks to seamless paths built on purpose for newbies and experts, Lili tells you more about your savings and exposed strategies. Information about performances, risks and fees is simplified, clear and precise to get a better grasp of your savings.

Subscribe to the best models to access their full detailed content, to be informed in real time about new arbitrages, and receive newsletters from allocator. Discuss in forums, share with other investors and boost your savings.It's just a matter of seconds to replicate one or more strategies within your own portfolio. Set your stop loss and stop gains, enable auto-sync and be always ready to switch models in all circumstances.Based on passports and behaviors of her community, Lili offers new services to better understand market expectations, to optimize your portfolio and adapt it to your current situation. Crowd wisdom is harvested to serve your savings.

Buying the LIL token is reserved exclusively to our whitelisted community members who passsed the AML and KYC checks.36,000,000 tokens maximum will be issued, out of which 70% will be for sale during the ICO, with a hard cap set at 20,000 ETH. Unsold tokens will be destroyed.Tokens can be purchased using Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and Euro (EUR), with a minimum contribution of 0.5 ETH, 0.05 BTC or 250 EUR.The price of the LIL token is 0.001 ETH (so that 1 ETH will get you 1,000 LIL). BTC and EUR contributions are converted in real time using the Kraken API.Everyone can participate except citizens and residents from the United States, China, Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, South Sudan and Cuba.

Lili has ended 204 days ago