Starts 01.07.2018
Ends 30.09.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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We love the flexibility of trading in multiple cryptocurrencies, but we were fed up with the inefficiencies of centralised exchanges. So we created Local Token Exchange to integrate the best of a P2P decentralised exchange with the deep liquidity of a centralised exchange, which makes trading faster, easier, more secure and gives the token holder a share in the profits.

Given the success of other P2P exchanges such as LocalBitcoins and Xcoins, we plan to capitalize on the growth of the market opportunity that exists for a multicoin P2P decentralised exchange. This innovative model will give traders the perfect space to transact the vast majority of their trades, whilst allowing them to participate in the success of Local Token Exchange’s business with regular dividends for token holders.

Centralised cryptocurrency exchanges in their current form are fraught with inefficiencies. There are long wait times, security risks and time consuming verification requirements as well as high barriers to entry for a large proportion of potential users, especially novices. P2P marketplaces and exchanges provide direct access in a decentralised way to connect buyers and sellers directly, which represents the truest form of free market trading.

The future of the digital currency ecosystem relies on the development of robust P2P decentralised exchanges that support a diverse range of cryptocurrencies and at the same time provide traders with sufficient liquidity, a significant feature of the best centralised exchanges. The innovative distributed ownership and business model offered by Local Token Exchange will bridge the gap in the market, whilst delivering the majority of the profits of the platform directly into the wallets of token holders and users.

Localtoken has ended 295 days ago