Starts 01.11.2018
Ends 31.01.2019
This ICO has already ended.
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Loyalty token and Rewards application which will reduce costs. Near real time process with blockchain secure environment for Improving front-end capabilities for customer experience. We are here to change the way the Loyalty Systems work. We are developing a new loyalty network platform of new era in Blockchain which will make the loyalty functional again. We will use Blockchain, Smart Contracts and mobile applications to achieve that. Our plan is to become the leader of loyalty in the world as Airbnb is (the largest accommodation provider which owns no real estate) or Uber is (the largest taxi company which owns no vehicles) or Alibaba is (the most valuable retailer which has no inventory) or as Facebook (is the most popular media provider which generates no content) is.

The real part of revolution that our team will bring is that users data residing on loyalty part will be users private data and only they will own that. Because all we know that the private users data like activities that we do in an airline companies, car rental companies or even in any social media environment etc all they remain in corresponding companies’ databases if we decide to move to another company or software. But with Loycha, the data will not need to move anywhere. It will remain in user’s personal database and users will be able to choose between companies that they want to see their data. This operation will be as easy as opt-in and opt-out in mobile application to show and hide these data from partners, so the new partners will be able to see easily users activities and decide on user loyalty weight or users customer metrics.

Loycha has ended 202 days ago