Starts 25.08.2018
Ends 14.10.2018
This ICO has already ended.
Lynx rating

Organizations are customized, deployed and hosted within Lynx. Users are presented with an infinite spectrum of possibilities for optimizing their company. Implementation of any feature including those powered by blockchains on a system wide or personal basis removing limitationsof traditional de facto interfaces.

The Academy serves as grounds for discussions and as a library. It cannot be censored by outside influence and is free to use for anyone. Governance of the network is controlled by users globally, with an option to accept changes granting freedom of choice. The protocol can only be influenced by LNT holders. Networking capabilities are exponentially increased by allowing exploration & interaction with platforms outside of Lynx. a permanent web is constructed allowing users to view sites without risk of their personal data being harvested and sold to third parties.

Commerce is facilitated within the network via Marketplace & in house escrow system. Individuals & organizations may conduct business with minimal fees or restrictions. Capital that is generated from Marketplace fees is controlled solely by LNT holders & is used to power the network for the benefit of the community. Lynx Network Tokens act as the backbone of the network and are involved in every action taken throughout the system. Eliminate time wasting content. Surround yourself with the best tools, resources and individuals possible to achieve your goals. Choose from a never ending array of customization and features that fit your specific needsю

Lynx has ended 193 days ago