Starts 01.09.2018
Ends 31.10.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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MADANA is building an innovative data analysis market ecosystem based on the Lisk blockchain that allows data producers, data analysis buyers, and plug-in providers to become active in a fair, anonymous and privacy-protecting open data market. For the frst time in history, decentralization is bringing transparency, balanced value distribution, and effciency.

Individuals create signifcant amounts of data while using daily devices such as mobile phones, tablets, smart home devices, and computers. In most cases, data producers give up all rights of their data by agreeing to nontransparent terms and conditions. Data brokers sell this data to big corporations making substantial profts. The data producers are left without any control or proft. Currently, most of our data is stored in centralized servers, which are popular targets for hacker attacks, who gain access to sensitive information and leak it.

The progress in global data protection policy is slow and the market for big data grows continuously. As the amount of breaches, leaks, and hacks is increasing severely, a new approach to handle data is needed. It is time to regain the control over our own digital identity. Establishing the MADANA ecosystem will provide a durable basis for future expansion stages regarding market exploitation and increasing technological distinction. The business approach is long-term oriented and encloses key-partnerships in traditional industries and consulting companies as multipliers as well as technological differentiation

MADANA has ended 204 days ago