Starts 01.08.2018
Ends 30.09.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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The simplest and clearest vision is to create a community of users and disseminators of knowledge in the area, with the support of technological applications for the reliable exchange of goods and services. Our solution is an intermediary, not a financial intermediary, for the realization of commercial relationships, where users and merchants turn to safeguard their assets. Our offer is based on the creation in record time of a solution type APP for all types of devices where P2P users can interact by exchanging goods and services using the cryptocurrencies that they already own, or acquire for it. en este caso nos orientamos a compartir beneficios con todos los participantes.

Our base concept is the globalization of the use of cryptocurrencies. It is important to clarify that we are not talking about a specific currency, as has been happening from the start of the human existence, everyone obtains, purchases and sells goods for their liking and benefit, but it is necessary a plan of equivalences generalized and a common solution that permits according to the generalized acceptance to perform operations of acceptable value for the parties involved. Our platform is based in 4 levels. Blockchain: is the base for the exchange of tokens operates under the ethereum network as an ERC20 contract. It is our way of exchange with other currencies among peer-to-peer decentralized users. Switch: the switch comprises systems of database and logic of the business as an app server. Handles and centralizes the MBYZ accounts of the users, handles payments, loans and controls the auditing.

Level 2: This level comprises the backend for web and api applications as well as for the POS. The Backend constitutes an API that will be based in REST. The API is in charge of making the interface with the different clients at the web and mobile apps. The API will be public and documented so that other developers could implement functionalities of payment in their platforms. There will exist another backend in charge of making interface with the points of sale (POS). Level 3: These are the different clients as apps in Android and IOS. There will also be considered systems developed by third parties using our API or buttons of payment. El backend también abarca los aspectos de autenticación, autorización, auditoria y facturación. Adicionalmente es responsabilidad de la lógica de cupones y anuncios.

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