Starts 01.08.2018
Ends 31.10.2018
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At Metadium, we are tackling the status quo. Currently our identities are pieces of a puzzle scattered around the offline and online world. In order to consolidate a complete identity from such informational disarray! at Metadium we believe in linking one's traditional “mundane identity[1]” with the “virtual identity[2]". This principle acts as the core of our platform, which aims to give individuals the ability to manage, protect, and use their identity whenever, wherever and however they wish.

Although a rigidly-controlled identity has been the norm for globalizationr economic prosperity and technological developments in the digital world: we are entering a new era. We have already been able to create previously unimaginable technologies such as artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles and virtual reality. The time has come to innovate the concept of identity, allowing it to be managed, protected, and used by their respective individuals.

We believe that Metadium is the key to fixing the current flawed identification system. Metadium protocol aims to create a revolutionary next-generation digital identity[3] that unquestionably proves your existence and features functionality over a broad spectrum of use cases in terms of self-sovereign identity[4]. Metadium guarantees minimal disclosure of personal information and only provides such data with the user’s consent, supporting a secure decentralized digital identity. Our infrastructure is based on blockchain technology that supports the creation of an identity with optional verification Furthermore.

Metadium has ended 175 days ago