Starts 30.09.2018
Ends 31.10.2018
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We are Moonlighting, one of the fastest-growing and most trusted marketplaces in the United States’ freelance economy. Backed by the three largest news media companies, the Moonlighting community has grown to more than 600,000 freelancers and small business owners since our inception more than 3 years ago.To address the most significant issues currently plaguing the freelance economy, Moonlighting will become the first U.S.-based freelance marketplace to incorporate blockchain technology into its already robust and trusted platform.

Through blockchain technology, the accuracy and authenticity of freelance worker reviews, work history, and online profiles will be immutable. This will remove the anonymity and inconsistency slowing down employer decisions and allow Moonlighting to become the most trusted choice for online hiring.By decentralizing Moonlighting user reviews and profile data, we will give control of data back to the user; empowering users to own their data, giving them the freedom to securely share and port their data.Through the introduction of a native, global cryptographic token, Moonlighting will reduce the arbitrary and excessive freelance marketplace fees, international currency exchange fees, and payment processing fees that take money out of freelancers' pockets.

The Moonbit token makes hiring and working in the freelance economy global and inclusive. Acting as the primary currency within the Moonlighting ecosystem, the Moonbit allows independent workers and employers to pay for freelance services, purchase premium advertising packages, and will reward engagement within the ecosystem. Moonlighting has partnered with highly experienced advisory and legal teams with expertise in emerging technologies, finance, and startups.

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