Starts 14.12.2017
Ends 24.12.2017
This ICO has already ended.
Movement App (Pre-ICO) rating

MOVEMENT App – is a new ecosystem, where everyone would be able to get coins for beating distance. It could be running, jogging or walking, outside or using treadmill.

With MOVEMENT you are able to obtain money while doing something that is useful for your health. Movement app appears to be totally new system. Make your own ico review and discover the ico rating if you are interested in such activities. You can do everything that is related to sport and get money for it. Token sale rating should grow because you can not only to purchase some goods for these tokens but also trade it relatively to other coin on the stock market. You can literally convert you motions to money with MOVEMENT app. Discover icos if you make them often, you will like this opportunity.

This app fosters the people to make more sport. From now everyone who makes some kind of sport activities is able to get money for it. All of thee was implemented with the help of blockchain technology as well as smart contracts. We have combined our rich experience in creating of apps with some priceless advices of experts in the sports area. List of cryptocurrency icos is available from now, check it in order to make the most profit from this project. There are no such many altcoins that can boast such an opportunity. You can combine your hobbies with moneymaking. Many people spend hours when going to their work, university or whatever. Now it can be well paid. Do not miss the ico analysis as well as ico alert in order to be aware of all features.