Starts 31.07.2018
Ends 31.10.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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MYTC Intends to create a decentralized platform for all small and medium enterprises to use a common currency to conduct reciprocal trade/barter with each other. MYTC is about helping you with your barter/trade while you focus on the cash and everyday sales. We are not looking to disrupt your business but here to help you improve your business through the use of digital cash on the revolutionary block chain technology.

There are over 5 million small and medium businesses/enterprises globally which conduct reciprocal trade/barter but yet there is no decentralized platform for these businesses to be able to trade/barter with each other globally.

Current members of existing barter/trade exchanges have limited access to the members from other platforms, they are charged with excessive high exchange fees, controlled through a centralised ledger, the value of the trade dollar is devalued because of limited members who cannot trade with each other due to constraints. The problem is that business, especially the small medium businesses can only barter/trade with members who they know and are locally located near them.

Allow for all businesses small to large to barter/trade with each other without boundaries and centralization (the need for a middleman/company) Gain potential new customers by opening new markets with other members from other platforms. Every new customer brought to you by the My Trade Token community brings new income on top of what you’re already receiving, which will help to increase your profit margins. My Trade Token adds another dimension to your enterprise by giving you the freedom to accept barter/ trade dollars to attract new customers and increase your sales. You will also have more money to operate, expand and invest back in the business

MYTC has ended 204 days ago