Starts 18.03.2018
Ends 18.05.2018
This ICO has already ended.
Nauticus rating

The Nauticus Initial Coin Offering (ICO) keeps running from March 31 to May 18, 2018, with a presale from March 18. One coin for six imaginative arrangements, went for a wide range of clients, from people to organizations, and each level of government. Nauticus gives easy to understand, effective and secure crypto saving money, installments and eCommerce arrangements using blockchain innovation, supported by the Nauticus Coin.

According to the ICO analysis and token sale review, the Nauticus crypto and fiat money trade is being developed and because of open in mid-2018. It will exchange 100 cryptocurrencies at dispatch, and more than 300 inside 12 months– including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Nauticus Coin and numerous others. Nauticus Coin clients will get 50 percent markdown on exchanging charges in the principal year, which will goad the reception of the coin and bolster its esteem on the list of cryptocurrency ICOs and the list of ICOs generally.

Nauticus will likewise set up an economical blockchain mining focus in 2019 to give income, alongside sizeable server limit, and to guarantee ultra-quick preparing for clients of Nauticus administrations to boost their ICO rating and token sale rating. Benefits from the trade and mine will be reinvested in the business to help the consequent improvement of a minimal effort eCommerce stage, alongside vendor and companion to peer installment choices.

Nauticus has ended 278 days ago