Starts 01.09.2018
Ends 30.11.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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Founded in the year 2017, Network Teknology (Nettek) is developed by different experts from blockchain and crypto enthusiasts to build an open source platform, to reduce cost of transaction fees and leverage the technology into creating an easy ecosystem to connect businesses and freelancers to the blockchain. This project will be the future of digital marketing and one of the future payment gateway for freelancers. We reward our freelancers with NTTK Tokens for each and every ad they submit.

The NTTK Buyback program was created in order to allow Nettek Team to buy these tokens from the community every day in order to send them to NTTK Hodlers as a reward. Instead of buying the tokens from an exchange, the company has published this NTTK Buyback smart contract that will automatically buy tokens directly from any interested sellers in the community, starting at $0.01 USD per token (TBD) .

The NTTK Tokens Buyback Program smart currently values Tokens at the starting price of $0.02 USD. The amount of NTTK tokens purchased from the community will vary from day to day, depending on the amount of NTTK tokens held that day. The company is currently making plans to expand its operations to several cities around the world. As more investors partner with Nettek Team, the company will need more NTTK tokens to send to its Hodlers causing the company to purchase more NTTK Tokens from the community for this reward system..

Nettekcoin has ended 115 days ago