Starts 01.12.2018
Ends 28.02.2019
This ICO has already ended.
NXAD rating

NXAD allows anyone to create an ad by connecting any link they want quality traffic on with a token reward (X-AD). Anyone of us can then discover those ads in the NXAD Cosmos, generate a personal sharing link from the ones that we like, and share the link on our social networks and channels. Each unique click on our link earns us a token reward! Anyone can be an advertiser, ranging from any individual to big brands simply looking for (more) traffic on a link.

Anyone can be a sharer, regular people who want to share content that they like with their friends while getting paid for it, to heavyweight influencers with a mass of followers! And the best thing – you can be both with only one account and switch between the roles within a second!

NXAD has ended 174 days ago