Starts 01.12.2018
Ends 28.02.2019
This ICO has already ended.
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ODDS is a new gambling platform utilizing the latest blockchain technology to increase player protection, improve fairness, automate compliance and enhance regulatory oversight. Regulators need to provide better protection for players whilst ensuring fairness for everybody, which comes in the form of increased regulation and operator restrictions. These take more time for operators to implement and increases their costs and reduces profits. As a result players see less innovation, receive only the minimum amount of protection and fairness, and are subject to many opaque rules & regulations that they don't understand or know about. In turn, regulators are ultimately left to make tough decisions that affect the entire ecosystem, but have very limited access to market data on which to base their decisions.

We provide a complete suite of tools and services that enable operators to build highly compliant, socially responsible gaming platforms. With every bet, roll, spin or toss we automatically carry out over 150 player protection and compliance checks. Our platform ensures transparency, fairness and most importantly privacy for the entire gambling ecosystem. We are focused on making sure operators comply with global laws & regulations and reducing the viability of unregulated markets and the challenges they pose.

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