Starts 01.08.2018
Ends 30.09.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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The crypto investors are continuously looking for the new “Bitcoin”, the new “Verge”, the new “Eos” … looking for a project where they can invest and get in return exponential earnings over long periods of time. A company that will exceed its limits and be capable to generate a mass adoption trend. A platform with a clear vision on hot to precisely reach its objectives and has a unique implicit plus value when compared to the rest of the existing crypto projects.If you are a crypto investor or you represent a company that is looking to invest in crypto we have a message: YOUR SEARCH IS OVER! We have proud to introduce you The Oracol Xor Platform, a platform that has an all-encompassing strategy to create the necessary infrastructure capable of Global reach.

Never before we had such a sudden explosion in crypto currencies creation and diversity as we are witnessing today. But in the same time, like never before, we have a big gap between computer and technologically educated people (faster adopters) and the regular, day to day users which are the overwhelming majority still on the planet today.To the simple common user Crypto currency is still a concept that presents technological barriers. Oracol Xor platform is aiming to breach this gap and go to the grass root level in a simple format that can be adopted with little or no technical knowledge. Oracol Xor platform has an all-encompassing infrastructure capable of Global reach even into the areas with no internet or data connections.

Based on 3 main areas of development our project is combining various marketing methods and technological solutions and innovations that will help position the platform as a leader in crypto currency adoption, social media and mobile payment solutions.Oracol Xor is an Open-Source-Platform, that gives you the possibility to interact on a social and financial level within a secure, protected and strong community of investors and like-minded peopleImprove your financial status. Add to your portfolio Redeemable Oracol Xor Seed Funds Investment Certificates issued during ICO and pre ICO.Reap the benefits of early investing in a fast growing company.The Oracol XOR uses Proof of Work (POW). All transactions are executed between the users directly and not through a centralised organisation.Say "Good Bye" to the middle man and exorbitant transaction fees.

Oracol XOR has ended 440 days ago