Starts 01.11.2018
Ends 31.01.2019
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Oxygen B-Air Cleaner - A modern equipment for cleaning air in rooms with mining equipment. The unit cleans even the finest dust preventing it from getting into the mining equipment. ASIC, video card, processor, power supply - this type of equipment is supplied with fans (coolers) for cooling. Even in the cleanest rooms allocated for mining, air quality leaves much to be desired. In the course of daily work fine dust damages the ventilation ducts, cooling blades and radiators of equipment. In consequence, the equipment undergoes intense heat and breaks down.

The oxygen cleaning unit Oxygen B-Air Cleaner solves this problem. Passing dozens of cycles of recirculation through the installation, the air in the room is cleaned and cooled. The five-step cleaning of air allows to detain both large particles of dust, and dust invisible to the human eye. OXYGEN is a project of a full-scale company producing high-tech equipment designed to improve the mining process and make it more efficient and affordable. By the introduction of innovative equipment 5-step cleaning of air in the premises with mining equipment, the farm's uninterrupted operation is achieved.

Thanks to the development of OXYGEN engineers, the second stage is the production of household and industrial equipment with built-in mining processors "Mining +". Equipment equipped with these processes will call their owners to pay for electricity costs, and with the growth of exchange rates - to pay back the costs of the initial purchase.

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