Starts 04.07.2019
Ends 27.07.2019
This ICO has already ended.
OZOTOP rating

We called our ecosystem OZOTOP. This is the robotic decentralized society based on the TON blockchain. It's a community of experts regulated by bots (scripts, robots, algorithms)

OZOTOP's MVP will include:

* voting system

* escrow-service

* dispute resolution system

* rating system

* development of each user professionalism stimulation system

* designer for creating new smart-contracts with a further presentation of the proposed interaction format for general discussion and voting

* Telegram-bots store for different interactions between users

Members of our society will interact with the aid of robots and make payments between each other with OZO coin

In our society model a certain robot manager is assigned to each expert. Robots do not sleep, because they do not need it. They do not get tired and go on working 24/7. These robots are not rude, because they are programmed for positive, efficiency, result!

All members of OZOTOP ecosystem could propose the way of project development and create own smart-contracts with possibility of discussion, voting and adoption for all project users

OZOTOP project will take profit with commission from ecosystem independent experts services

OZOTOP has ended 139 days ago