Starts 01.07.2018
Ends 13.11.2018
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Philanthor is for like-minded people with shared beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes, who would like to improve life on earth. Together we’ll combine the topics we care about, our collective intelligence, and focus them directly towards doing good for earth, humanity and future generations. Our collective intelligence, acting as a powerful unified Collective Mind, will strive to improve life on earth non-stop, continuously enabling long-term solutions, while instantly reacting to crises and emergencies. With blockchain at its core, Philanthor works towards fixing real-life problems. Overwhich, our funds, aid, and resources flow gracefully between causes reflecting the wish of our member’s collective mind, without geographical boundaries, social or cultural biases.

Philanthor is supporting causes with focus on youth, gender equality and protection of the environment and wild life, with specific interest in education, food and water safety, clean energy, environment and health technologies.Enables transparency, reliabilty, and ensures that our causes receive full donations with less banks & other man-in-the-middle.With our AI based Video interview analytics technology we are able to analyze more grants and scholarship applications faster than any human can.Our in-house developed, Know-Your-Client tools we make sure to work with real people, reduce risks and fraud.Our learning platform becomes more autonomic and intelligent with time, capable of sorting out better donation candidates and cost reductions.

We read & recognize document automatically, verify and categorize them, meant to reduced processing time and making sure aid money goes where and when its needed.Beyond our KYC, we have developed a metholdogy of tightenting secrutiy, fraud and cyber threats.Philanthor's donation PTH token is the heart that powers our platform. The smart contracts and ERC20 crypto token economy behind it creates a decentralized automation of decision making (DAO) that enables the members to be part of a true philantropic foundation, vote on topcis that matter to them and bring new causes to the limelight which are close to their heart and philosophy.To give away money is an easy matter and in any man's power. But to decide to whom to give it and how large and when, and for what purpose and how, is neither in every man's power nor an easy matter.

Philanthor has ended 132 days ago