Starts 01.08.2018
Ends 30.09.2018
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PixelAlpha is the decentralized derivatives exchange for everything. We are bringing derivatives, the largest class of financial instrument, to the cryptocurrency and digital asset space in a way that is: 1. Decentralized: zero exchange transaction fees, and the majority of settlement fees go back to the users; 2. Secure: we combine blockchain’s transparency and immutability with field-tested AI for user and transaction verification, and don’t hold any assets centrally; 3. Enterprise-grade: order matching speeds 22x faster than NYSE. Built-in liquidity and price discovery tools to ensure orders of any size can be matched in seconds. Customizable contracts for building complex and programmatically executed financial products with any digital assets.

PixelAlpha recognizes that volatility is the single most notorious aspect of the digital asset market. This means investor gains can be massive during bullish periods, but there is no effective way to protect a portfolio during bear runs or even hedge positions for risk purposes. Stablecoins have been a widely proposed solution, but they have their distinct security and trust issues2. And even in a bear market they only minimize loss rather than generate earnings.Our aim is twofold: first, to create a blockchain platform that combines the speed and common contract behavior of existing derivatives exchanges, and add cryptographically secure rulesets that remove the need for a mediator. We achieve this through a series of immutable commands (Smart Contracts) that dictate and enforce the terms of any given trade.

Second, we aim to foster a robust development ecosystem where additional features, plugins, and business models can be built easily atop the PixelAlpha infrastructure. Our coin, the Pixel (PXA), will act as the primary settlement tool on PixelAlpha. Its use is akin to “cash settled” exchanges like the CME where the asset being traded on is not directly delivered, but rather the commensurate settlement value is paid in a universally liquid denomination. Moreover, as a digital asset in its own rite, it can also be used as a pairing for trades. Decentralization creates exciting trade offerings - comparable to an existing futures exchange trading not only corn/USD and oil/USD pairings, but corn/oil as well. Pixels will also be the primary means of payment for the items in the services ecosystem.

PixelAlpha has ended 295 days ago