Starts 02.08.2018
Ends 24.10.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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We're a Team of successful marketers, traders and innovators. We have about 5 years experience in crypto world. We want to create the next level service for investors as single portal for POS and Masternode coins. Combine all services offered in the market (integrated pulls, online wallets, smart filters, analysis tools, shared masternode and escrow services, exchange, ICO and presale platform, etc) in one place for comfortable use this functions by DEVS and investors.We want to develop a tool for comfortable promotion for new coins, as well as to protect the contributions of investors. And we're proud to announce primary coin for all purchases in PosUniverse - PSU!

We plan to launch to trade in pairs with BTC / ETH / LTC / PSU. We want to build a stock exchange of a narrow direction, exclusively for masternodes and POS coins, taking into account the specifics of this economy and technical solutions. Becoming the main exchange for coins of this type, we want to create the most convenient conditions for developing and investing in this branch of the crypto currency.We understand the importance of the team's efforts at the initial stage to bring the coin to the big free market. We consider it our duty to explain to potential investors some important points related to the calculation of the economy of the coin. The service is aimed not only at the usual conduct of presale coins. We want to give a guarantee to all investors that this coin will be listed on one or several exchanges.

The Pos Universe team is aimed at creating an advanced ecosystem (portal) that will allow young talented developers to present their algorithms and ideas to a wide range of investors, as well as provide investors with a guarantee of protection against rascals and convenient tools for analyzing and exploiting funds within a single ecosystem. Coin PSU (Pos Universe Coin) will become the main means of payment within the portal Pos Universe. We invite investors to familiarize themselves with our action plan. The service will be available for coins, which for certain reasons have not yet appeared in the listing of our or other exchanges. We are sure that this will solve the problem of waiting in the period from the end of the presale to the first listing on one of the exchanges.

Posuniverse has ended 211 days ago