Starts 01.11.2018
Ends 31.01.2019
This ICO has already ended.
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ProBit Exchange is a coin to coin trading platform that provides professional service and highest level of security. ProBit supports the trading of numerous coins along with PROB, the native token to the ProBit trading platform. PROB will provide holders a number of benefits including trading fee discounts and access to new features. We welcome you to trade on the ProBit Exchange! To provide enhanced security, ProBit supports to the use of hardware security keys on the platform. The keys provide an added layer of security in order to log into a user's account.

Market order - this order is a request to buy or sell at the best available price on the current market. In this order, the trade is guaranteed to be executed at the market price. Stop order - this order sets a condition whereby a buy or sell order is executed once a traded asset hits the stop that is set by the trader. Once the asset hits the stop, the traded is executed at the best available market price. Limit order - this order is a conditional trade based on set prices determined by the trader. The trade will set a maximum or minimum price for a traded asset. The trade will not be executed unless the trade is made at a particular price (or better). Other conditions can be added to the limit order to accomplish the goals of the trader. With the nature of this trade, it is not guaranteed to be executed.

Stop-limit order - this order combines a stop and limit order to give the trader greater control over their trades. Two prices points are set up as part of the order; (1) stop, and (2) limit. In a stop-limit order, when the price of a traded asset hits the stop, the order becomes a limit order. The transaction will only be executed if the conditions the of the stop is met followed by the limit order. Similar to limit orders, stop-limit orders are not guaranteed to be executed.

ProBit has ended 227 days ago