Starts 01.12.2018
Ends 28.02.2019
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QashBack is transforming the traditional retail and services industries by introducing the world's first decentralised reputation management and permission-based marketing platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and blockchain Smart Contracts. A consortium platform for different applications to share in the user pool, data pool and content pool in a trustless and autonomous environment through the introduction of world’s first decentralised reputation management system.

There are potential conflicts of interest inherent to the business model of review sites like Yelp where there is an incentive to sell advertising, often in the form of boosted positive reviews, to the same companies being reviewed. These review sites place themselves in conflict when they benefit more by generating positive reviews than negative ones, as a result, these sites censor reviews accordingly. Consumers can also be persuaded to submit positive reviews by merchants. This typically happens when the merchants make special offers/discounts conditional upon positive reviews being submitted.

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