Starts 01.08.2018
Ends 30.09.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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Quantler offers individuals the ability to create personalized and automated investment strategies. With the connection to their broker Quantler lets its users invest in any types of assets (Equities, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies). The combined automation rules are called Quant Funds. Quantler offers an all-in-one solution to create, share, manage and view an investment portfolio which can contain multiple Quant Funds of different asset types. As these are decentralized non-pooled investment strategies, they can be run anywhere and independently. When users are done creating a Quant Fund, users will need to host them to start investing. Quantler is all about flexibility and transparency; all publicly available Quant Funds are open source and part of the public domain.

Users can host their Quant Fund wherever they want. However, Quantler’s technical infrastructure is optimized for hosting Quant Funds in a high quality, highly available and cost-effective way. The way Quantler works is very straight forward. The user decides in which assets he or she would like to invest, by creating a Universe. Then the user can define the automation rules that should apply to this portfolio. After a simulation on historical data and if necessary optimization, Quantler lets the user connect to the broker of their choice and performs its key function, hosting their automation. In the catalog, users can get inspired by automation and universes that other users have made public and import them and adjust them to their liking.

Users are free to design their own automation with existing modules. Though it is also possible to write code if needed. Quantler provides the service as is, without any investment advice or investment management service. Quantler caters to the needs of both the “set it and forget it” users as well as the sophisticated Quants. Programming is optional. Users can either create a basic Quant Fund using existing components or create these components themselves. Users can check out the community for examples and incorporate new ideas, which might improve their current Quant Funds. Quantler leverages on commission free brokers, as it allows all Quant Funds to compete with any other investment solution when it comes to pricing.

Quantler has ended 295 days ago