Starts 01.08.2018
Ends 31.10.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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ReMoneta is the only existing land-backed token system, bringing Crypto to the Mainstream. Together with our community we have designed a uniquely stable, reward-based online currency connecting Crypto to Commerce. Mining works differently with ReMoneta - Community members are rewarded for their real world actions that support our shared values and the ReMoneta community. Our shared values include the environment, clean energy, animal welfare, human health and global unity.

There is a need for a globally tradable, flexible online currency with stable pricing, not falling value like fiat currencies or large volatility like cryptocurrencies. There is the need for the low risk of a currency and a simple, liquid means of exchange that is easy to buy and sell and available to anyone, anywhere, without excess regulation, not a product which is complex and only available to (Ultra) High Net Worth Individuals.

There is a need for a currency that drives positive global values, not one which perpetuates an unfavourable political status quo. There is need for a micropayments with a group of companies having long term, solid land backing today, not one based on vague future promises, political expedience or which can lead to financial crisis. ReMoneta is coming to the market at the right time.

ReMoneta has ended 204 days ago