Starts 23.08.2018
Ends 23.09.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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Republia is a decentralized ecosystem, which within one project combines blockchain technology services that are in demand. The ecosystem is based on an innovative technology, which, in turn, based on self-developed blockchain. In Republia ecosystem users directly participate in the project and influence ecosystem improvement and extension. Republia operates under democratic principle, where changes are enabled only by participants, Republia Delegated Proof-of-Authority (RdPoA) + BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance) consensus algorithm is used by Republia.

Thus, all users of the ecosystem have equal rights and opportunities, unequal influence on the network by individual participants is simply impossible, because in the innovative Republia Blockchain voting are held through a unique RebubliaID where one RebubliaID is equal to one vote, so each ecosystem participant votes once in a single voting and can be confident in the transparency and openness of the system. Republia operates under the "we-ecosystem" model, which provides direct user management of the platform. A vivid example of the "we-ecosystem" management model is the expansion of the ecosystem with other projects that are being created on the Republia ICO Platform. The project to become a part of the Republia Ecosystem, it needs to get support among the community that decides by voting whether an ICO project is needed within the whole ecosystem. Also, any project that was released on the Republia ICO Platform can be upgraded by voting.

Thus, ecosystem management according to the "we-ecosystem" model will be useful both for the community members and for users who post their project within Republia Ecosystem. Since the community decides to expand the ecosystem by this or that project, successful attraction of investments is ensured automatically for the implementation of the approved project, because there is a real demand for it.

Republia has ended 244 days ago