Starts 31.07.2019
Ends 31.10.2019
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Resistance is an anonymous decentralized exchange, ResDEX, driven and supported by the Resistance privacy-oriented blockchain, which uses the RES privacy coin as an intermediary to facilitate private trading. These components work in unison to give even novice users a chance to trade and mine with ease and anonymity.

The Resistance DEX (ResDEX) utilizes atomic swaps to enable fast, direct, private trades without the need for a third party. The Resistance privacy-oriented blockchain makes private trades possible by using Resistance coins (RES) as an intermediary and validating transactions through zero-knowledge proofs. Cryptocurrencies are thriving, yet when it comes to cryptocurrency trading platforms, users currently face many hurdles, including complicated interfaces, slow transaction speeds, and a lack of privacy, security, and freedom.

The Resistance CPU-optimized miner allows anyone with a laptop or desktop computer running macOS, Windows, or Linux to mine on the Resistance blockchain. Block rewards and transaction fees are split between masternodes, project development, Proof of Work, and Proof of Research on whitelisted BOINCprojects advancing scientificresearch to help humanity. While50% of exchange fees are givenback to RES holders as a platform-related benefit for their participationin the network.

With a working prototype, wallet andtestnet, and one-way Simplex fiatgateway confirmed (users will be ableto buy bitcoin on ResDEX with Visaor Mastercard in USD, GBP, and EUR), Resistance is ready for action.

Resistance will end in 12 days