Starts 01.10.2018
Ends 31.12.2018
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Reward Vision rating

Reward is a blockchain-based incentive system that enables company-wide collaboration through peer-to-peer rewards. The Reward system encourages employee cooperation, improves company morale, and increases productivity. Reward’s peer-to-peer platform boosts individual recognition, fosters relationships, and helps employees understand the skills they need to improve. This creates a continuous positive feedback loop which recognizes employees for their day-to-day tasks and encourages them to improve their contributions to the company.

That’s why we are creating multiple avenues for companies to integrate with our platform. Users can interact with stand-alone tools (mobile and desktop apps) and custom integrations with partners. By 2020, we plan to integrate RWD spending with a debit card. Current management practices rely on status updates and frequent check-ins, but these methods can overlook the subtle dynamics within a company. With Reward, employers can analyze a team’s effective collaboration through group metrics. Employers can pinpoint strong teams with a healthy dynamic or teams that need to work on communication.

Reward Vision has ended 140 days ago