Starts 01.08.2018
Ends 31.10.2018
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At risecoin we believe that the students are the future of world, hence it is very essential for them to have the books and study material always available.At present we have a traditional of way of supplying books to the students which is hard copies. Now this traditional way has a problem which is limited supply. Hence most of the students end up with no books. Now here we are not talking about the text books they get from their schools, colleges and universities, but the books students rely on, the most to get additional help.

At present there is no solution to solve this scarcity of books. Hence we are planning to build a website and a mobile app to solve this problem. We plan to gain copy right of these books which are very limited in number in physical form and convert them into digital format. Now there are lots of web portals where books are sold. But there are hardly some which caters to the student genre. The ever growing population and increase in number of students every year create more demand. If we have to fulfill the demand we have to produce more paper which is not in abundance.

With the help our coin student can purchase the books published by the publisher on our platform. Also the publisher will be paid in the form of risecoin. So let us go ahead and discuss each point in detail.Publisher can make their books and knowledge base available here. They can sell Digital books and knowledge base without incurring any cost of printing and transportation. They will get bigger market place where they can directly deal with consumer. Publishers will also publish test paper of previous years which will help the students to test their knowledge and practice for their exams.

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