Starts 01.11.2018
Ends 31.01.2019
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As the airspace becomes more and more crowded, it is increasingly important to integrate existing electronic conspicuity solutions into interoperable platforms. Combining Detect and Avoid with real time Communication solutions for both manned and unmanned traffic will enable the safe and efficient integration of all traffic in the same airspace.

We believe in the evolutionary potential the blockchain can provide to flight planning and flight tracking. sky[nav]pro™ will improve safety and reduce costs in the general aviation. Our goal is to improve flight safety while combining this useful elements in one single Box fitting in manned and unmanned aircrafts powered by the advantages of the Distributed-Ledger-Technology.

sky[nav]pro™ is unique in market comparison due to a removable Hardware concept, worldwide availability, usage of portable and multiple communication technologies. It‘s also cost-effective in production and operation compared to competing products. Sales of Avionics in civil aviation: 26 Bn. US-$ per annum, thereof 2.4 Bn. US-$ in GA with CAGR Forecast of 3.5-7.9% by 2025. State of Development: Webportal with flightplanning and App for Android and iOS fully operative. Hardware (BlueLine & RedLine) in a Prototype field-tested stage. Prototype stage is successfully finished. Several systems are already in use for testing and marketing purposes by private and commercial customers such as flight training schools

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