Starts 01.05.2018
Ends 31.03.2019
This ICO has already ended.
Smart Advertisment Transaction Token rating

The advertising market is constantly evolving and offers its customers a variety of solutions. A lot of projects have a number of problems with advertising companies due to various investment problems and even technical nuances. Read the project details to learn more about SATT ico analysis and choose the investing plan. Do not forget about the dates of SATT crowdsale calendar in order to be in the know about the events. SaTT uses Smart Technologies to create a convenient ecosystem capable of uniting advertisers and publishers for a more comfortable, simple and affordable advertising service. Objective SATT ico review gives a clear picture of the vector that this company chose. All transactions and payment processing can be carried out under the conditions of a single ecosystem to reduce commissions and fees. The new SATT ico rating indicates an extraordinary popularity of the project among users. SATT token sales are growing rapidly, due to the unique offer of the modern company. Thanks to the unification of the platform, it is possible to achieve the highest quality of consensus among the various members of transactions. Join SATT Initial Coin Offering and become a smart crypto currency investor. The system identifies various companies and develops the necessary projects to promote advertising services on the Internet and maximize the quality of service.

Smart Advertisment Transaction Token has ended 112 days ago