Starts 01.12.2018
Ends 28.02.2019
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Using a combination of Federated Learning, MPC and Secret Sharing, developers can improve their assistants with real user data, without any impact on privacy. Users get paid for contributing encrypted data, while devices called “clerks” get paid for processing the encrypted data. Anyone can be a clerk, including users via their Snips AIR devices. Good behavior is incentivized through staking and reputation.

Just as smartphones have app stores, voice assistants have app stores. The Snips app store runs as a token-curated registry, meaning the community curates the apps and decides what is on the store. Developers, curators and users are incentivized to be honest via a combination of staking and token rewards. The Snips token sale is open to anyone who can help us build our ecosystem: developers, users, ambassadors, hardware companies, and anyone else who believes our voices should stay private. We’re offering up millions of free tokens for voice app builds, referrals, and social media buzz. With 4 ways to participate in the Snips Bounty Program, earn tokens today and be prioritized in our token presale.

Created in 2013, Snips is an established company at an advanced development stage. We shipped multiple products, have an active community and a growing enterprise business. Our management team has been collaborating successfully for several years, and our team has over 60 people between Paris and New York. To date, we have raised €22M from international VCs.

Snips has ended 174 days ago