Starts 30.08.2018
Ends 30.10.2018
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We envision a modern music industry that is revived with transparency and fair treatment that bridges the gap between the artist and fan. Where talent’s success relies on merit and creators can solely focus on creating.In line with this conviction, Soundeon prescribes to the principle of equal opportunity for all, independent of race, religion or family background. It is our shared responsibility to promote the arts across disadvantaged communities by contributing 10% of Soundeon’s income to philanthropic endeavors.

Soundeon is a decentralized blockchain-based musical and multimedia platform built on the Soundeon ecosystem – a protocol for the modern media. The Soundeon venture constitutes a consortium of blockchain experts, artists, software developers, intellectual property practitioners, and media executives that are already shacking up business as usual within the media industry. Soundeon tackles foremost problems plaguing the performing arts industry with radical transparency, equitable ownership rights management, enhanced artists funding mechanisms and fair event ticketing.

We help artists regain control of their creations, monetize their talent and ofer fans an ever-closer connection with their artists. As the music industry struggles to resolve the problems in digitally recorded music rights management and live event ticketing, Soundeon presents a layer-by-layer use-case approach. Soundeon utilizes a multipronged approach to eliminating inefcient and archaic market practices adversely afecting both, the artists and their fans alike, on- and ofine.Soundeon Monitor provides an opportunity to register copyright for their work and have access to all royalties that have been generated through Soundeon, as well as other third-party providers. Furthermore, our deep data analytics mechanism combines all aspects of the musician’s creative output and puts it into a clear and easy-to-read format.

ICO Sale dates will be indicated later (TBA)

Hard cap: $16 mln

Soundeon has ended 205 days ago