Starts 01.10.2018
Ends 30.11.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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Soycoin is future "stablecoin" in a blockchain community. SoyCoin (SYC) is the combination of cryptocurrency, green technology, and the real industry. Uniting these technologies we will create one of the stablest coins thanks to the created real assets. And merging with the Bancor company will give stable economic development future crypto - economy. The association of these technologies will bring invaluable benefits to all communities. The cryptocurrency industry provides the chance of deeper application of cryptocurrencies in day-to-day life.

SoyCoin is the first to offer green technology solution using soybean to fuel a network of mining farms independent of the centralized power supply system. This will undoubtedly lead to strengthening and development of the cryptocurrency industry and its infrastructure. The goods produced by SoyCoin will be purchased using various cryptocurrencies. This enables small medium enterprises to buy and sell using cryptocurrency for raw materials from SoyCoin production plants as goods for retail stores. This will expand the application of cryptocurrency in everyday life.

Participants of Crowdsale participate in the project buying SoyCoin tokens. On the raised funds construction and purchase of the equipment for production is made. The equipment is installed no later than 12 months after the termination Crowdsale. Each participant has a possibility of visual control of installation of the equipment and balancing and commissioning

Not later than 12 months from the end of the Crowdsale period production starts. After the beginning of production the enterprise begins shipment of the made production.No later than 3 months after the termination Crowdsale repurchase of SoyCoin tokens begins. Each participant of Crowdsale has the right to choose between sale of tokens or exchange of the corresponding quantity of goods

SoyCoin has ended 115 days ago