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SUAPP is a decentralized peer-to-peer idea sharing and reward platform that is backed by the blockchain technology. The platform was designed to unite students across Africa by sharing innovative ideas that will contribute to the economic advancement of the African continent. SUAPP is building the evolution blockchain platform and targeting Africans that are interested in using blockchain for maintaining transaction records in a secured, trust-less and digitized interlinked environment.

The main participants in the SUAPP network are students, colleges, schools, businesses, government and research institutes and organizations. We are an existing business with team members having expertise in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, social media management, project development and communication, business development and investment. SUAPP is building the world’s largest blockchain-based idea sharing and reward platform that will focus on four core areas namely financial empowerment, crowdfunding, loyalty rewards and idea sharing.

We aim to develop a decentralized online idea sharing and reward system for students without reliant on learning theory, but practical skills. Students will be able to interact with other students throughout Africa and will be rewarded for their contributions on the platform. In this paper, we shed more light on the token mechanics for the blockchain SUAPP smart contract tokens and how we plan to fully implement SUAPP to users and investors.

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