Starts 01.08.2018
Ends 30.09.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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The SUBBIT token is a modular utility token, developed on the Ethereum blockchain, which gives users access to exclusive products, savings and cash-back rewards within the SUBBIT network. Our vision is to create a new exciting pattern of consumption worldwide, which rewards consumers with better value, and convenient access to the things they love. SUBBIT will become the world leader and market default for B2C subscription payments, actualising a global $8 trillion market opportunity.

SUBBIT makes it easier to pay for any product or service consumers might use on a regular basis - and offers many advantages over other payment methods, such as exclusive access, discounts and rewards. SUBBIT is also the most convenient payment alternative around. There’s no need to carry cash or a card, all you need is your smartphone to unlock a smooth and flexible consumer experience. SUBBIT is leading the way for a new and exciting pattern of consumption, which gives consumers convenient access to the things they love.

SUBBIT completely democratises the subscriptions economy by giving every business instant access to the subscriptions economy, right from their smartphone. We have built a comprehensive end-to-end digital solution, which makes the entire process as simple as possible for both businesses and consumers.SUBBIT disrupts the global consumer economy by offering a viable and frictionless (subscription-based) payment alternative to cash and card. SUBBIT democratises the global subscriptions economy by giving every business instant access to a subscriptionbased payment model.

Subbit is the first product to truly expose the mass consumer market to cryptocurrency payments and enable users to access thousands of everyday products and services. In doing so, it will democratise the vworldwide subscriptions economy across several key global markets. SUBBIT is the first and only product to enable a simple, instant subscription transaction at any physical point of sale, without the need for any hardware other than a mobile phone. Simply put, SUBBIT gives every small business instant access to the subscriptions economy for no extra cost.

Subbit has ended 295 days ago