Starts 01.06.2018
Ends 31.10.2018
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In our time, due to the very fast pace of life, a large number of people do not have time to solve their problems and all their pressing problems, and some do not even have time to eat. In the world there are no such companies or organizations that could tackle any problem in order to help a person achieve a positive result in his problem. Our team is developing an application that will change the world and help all people breathe deeply. Support is the latest platform based on blocking technologies, it is able not only to solve all the problems of people but also to earn money.

All well-known aid funds are present in it, therefore it is not difficult for the user to do a good deed to the needy. We are developing an application in which each person will be able to publish their problem and with the help of geolocation it will be visible in that region or city for a general view. For some time now there is an altruist who is ready to implement the solution of this problem. The subject will initially be rewarded for resolving the problem that has arisen with him. After the Altruist has assisted the subject every second a remuneration in the amount of Support Coin is transferred. From the subject there is a transfer commission of 0.05% of the amount provided.

All well-known charitable foundations will be present in the appendix to raise funds for the needy.We will check the documentation of each fund in order to exclude possible interference of scammers.With the help of our application, many people who are without work will be able to have a good income, which will help to reduce the unemployment in our world a little, because it is very convenient to find yourself working for a few clicks.Also, every good deed will be rewarded by us in the amount of the Support Coin currency, which each user can spend at his own discretion. We are confident that our application will help to unify our society as a whole and reduce the pollution of nature, unemployment and in all senses will do a little kinder to each other.

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