Starts 31.08.2018
Ends 01.11.2018
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Swapblocks is a marketplace platform that takes a new approach to securities and digital asset issuance, exchange and market governance. The current blockchain environment for these services relies on smart contracts that are individualized for each asset. This approach lacks efficiency because it requires the asset’s smart contract to be voided and reissued anytime a change in the regulatory environment occurs. Furthermore, market participants have very little visibility into future costs associated with operating on a platform.

Swapblocks removes the unfair advantage large institutions have had opportunities to exploit in today's market structure by enabling small players to pool their infrastructure without giving up control of their own businesses.

Swapblocks will solve these issues by allowing various markets to operate independently of other markets in the ecosystem. This creates an extremely flexible environment that can accommodate the issuance, management, and exchange of a wide array of asset classes. From the issuance of securities such as stocks, bonds, and derivatives to real assets like property, equipment, and commodities to more niche use cases like public data validation, swapblocks will offer participants in these markets the ability to implement market standards for transaction validation that comply with relevant regulations for their market segment and are easily adjustable.

Applications can be built on top of the swapblocks protocol to provide valuable services such as an exchange portal to the DEX functionality and reporting and analytics apps for various markets operating on the platform. These functionalities will provide market participants with significant value by removing much of the informational asymmetry that exists in markets today, adding liquidity and visibility to non-exchange traded assets (bonds, swaps, etc.), and improving efficiency in the management and transfer of non-security asset types.

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